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thermal loss

it has been a bit quiet on the blog the last days but in fact the opposite was the case in the office. we have been hard-working on our projects, esp. some fundamental adjustments in our office structure. the way we work, the tools we use and skills we provide have been adjusted and improved to the building process. things like BIM, cost planing, thermal heat bridge calculations and energy efficiency models are now coherent with our architectural design methods.

we also working on an advanced training curriculum about the avoidance of thermal heat bridges.

dates for the class will be announced soon.


here is a little sneak preview on a fun christmas holiday exercise. a nice and compact fair booth for the sped.net ag better know as spread shirt. very cool business concept. you should check their website

maybe you'll find our still a bit unexciting shop there, too!

ZweiDrei back in force

After an awesome and eventful year behind we wish all of you a happy and successful new year 2013!

ZweiDrei grows and so does our thankfulness.

Stay ▲ world!

Let’s go out

As contributors we proudly announce the official GESTALTEN book release of
"Let's Go Out!:
Interiors and Architecture for Restaurants and Bars" by Robert Klanten, Sven Ehmann and Sofia Borges.

The scheduled international release dates are:
Europe: August 21, 2012
North and South America as well as Asia and Australia/NZ: mid September 2012

Check out the gestalten shop

detailed heat bridge calculation

She is vanity of vanities; BUT NOT TO US, to whom she has made herself of the greatest importance.

She allows every child to play tricks with her; every fool to have judgment upon her; thousands to walk stupidly over her and see nothing; and takes her pleasure and finds her account in them all.

We obey her laws even when we rebel against them; we work with her even when we desire to work against her. [sic▲]