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office warming

here's a little mood collection during our office warming party. thanks for celebrating with us! we were all absolutely smitten with your presence!

disegno del muro

After yesterdays performance by Daniel Barenboim of Beethoven's 3rd and 5th symphony, I contemplated Friedrich Schillers thoughts about freedom and the education towards the Enlightenment (die Aufklärung).

Realizing the continuous need of mankind's aesthetic education through science and art resembles todays education to ecologic awareness. Hence i see the beauty in our insulation calculations for our barn project's new wall composition calling it "disegno del muro intitolato eroica". In the understanding, that saving 12l oil/m2 (85% of the existing) during the heating period could be the seen as an equivalent of the will to freedom and equality.

Both aim for a better society!

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During the preparation for an exhibition in our new office Sittig Fahr-Becker took his chance to shoot some pictures of our beloved klapsing chair. Quite usual for architectural offices we store some models in our workshop and "zack": we're having a nice Berlin setup.

Actually now we are regretting that we painted the walls in white...

Interview V

Last week Prof. Peter P. Schweger was visiting us in our new office still under construction. As one of Germanies leading architects, Prof. Schweger didn't mind our ongoing construction site.
We interviewed him about his career as an architekt and his opinions on architectural competitions. The full interview will be posted soon in our new book/web/mag series V.

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Barn Project

Since we had some server problems and couldn't update the website, we are now back online and starting right with our new project: this wonderful barn from the 19th century. situated not far from Berlin it is connected to a nature reserve and lake. the client wishes to make an example in energy efficiency and urban re-cultivation.

we'll keep you posted!