zweidrei architekten gmbh

Adidas Runbase

2016 for and with adidas

Nadine Göpfert, Felicity May, Julius Kranefuss, Mattia Sartori, Matti Schmid

Fotos: Markus Braumann

ADIDAS RUNBASE is a place for Berlin's urban fabric multi optional milieu. It was an innovative and strategically unique approach by ADIDAS to concentrate their professional engagement in one place. A place that focus on content and individuals much more than on products. At this place the urban individual’s holistic point of view consisting of the pentade "gear, mind, health, food and fitness" becomes an economy of wellbeing. Our architecture tries to accompany this economy with materials and construction details. Simplicity and at the same time idiosyncratic Avantgardism, in the sense trying to create a new brand typology RUNBASE, marking the architecture.