zweidrei architekten gmbh

White Cube

2009 for and with Deutsche Telekom AG / Palomar5

Zweidrei, 45Kilo, LAP engineers, HandwerkplusDesign, Foto: Rosa Merk

„White Cube“ presents itself as a great partition plastic. Its primary
function is to affect on the emotions of the participants to raise the
feeling for togetherness and productivity. Secondary the „White Cube“
divides the space in different zones which fall into private or public.
Through cutting the “White Cube” in three equal pieces which are turned
to each other singular rooms are created which flow into one other. The
walls can be either looked through or crawled through.

The idea of the „White Cube“ comes from the presentation of art in
museums but here it represents the leading motto of the whole camp. The
room inherent idea of complete emptiness and contemplation had great
appeal to the artists and was soon understood as a spatial subject for
total freedom of arrangement as a creative room also beyond
museums.Today, in multimedia age the „White Cube“ is regarded as a
creativity debilitating concept and words like “neutrality” and “empty
space” are conceived rather negative.

Breaking with old conventions is necessary to master the demands of the
“digital inhabitants”. Our architecture office understands the „White
Cube“ as a room which creates in his basic intention the underlying idea
of space of creativity and biggest possible focus on target-oriented
work, but breaks with traditions and metaphorically “blows up” the room
together with its ideas. The main working room is thus built guiding
the camp idea from Palomar5.