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_YEAR 2012
_DONE BY Clement Barbier, Julius Kranefuss, Maja Lesnick, Nina Sleska
Humanism is a philosophy of life that harks back to the ancient western philosophy and based on the interests, values ​​and dignity of the individual.

For this purpose i quote one of the most important contributions from today's perspective: From "Thoughts on the Imitation of Greek Works in Painting and Sculpture" by Johann Joachim Winckelmann (1755):

„(T)he probability is that in the beautiful bodily forms oft he Greek (...) there was a greater unity of the entire structure, a nobler connection of parts, an a greater fullnes of form...“
The more tranquil the state of the body the more capable it is of portraying the true character of the soul. (...) but it is great and noble when seen in a state of unity and calm.
Their favorite term is contrapposto, which represents for them the essence of a perfect work of art.
The general and most distinctive characteristics of the Greek masterpieces are, finally, a noble simplicity and quiet grandeur, (...).

Let the artist’s brush, like Aristotle’s pen, be imbued with reason. He should leave our minds with more than he has shown our eyes (…)
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