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_YEAR 2010
_CLIENT My Bauhaus is better than yours
_DONE BY Julius Kranefuss, Simone Wind, Laurent Hoffman
Fotos by Carolin Seeliger
Bacchanalia is a figurative shelf made from a paper-based composite material. Sheets of paper honeycomb are coated in packing paper and hardened with bone glue, making the shelf both stable and paper-light. Bone glue is a natural substance used only for restoration purposes. Made entirely from natural and ecologically compatible materials, Bacchanalia, could theoretically just decompose in your garden or be recycled. The figurative shelf depicts an ancient Greek scene called the “Bacchanalia”.
These festivities, in honor of the god Bacchus, were orgiastic celebrations with plenty of alcohol, nudity and transcendental dance. This motive was chosen to be in keeping with J. J. Winkelmanns interpretation (in his “bookart history in ancient times”) of exuberance and liberation from rules and reservations as the fundamentals of ancient Greek art and science.

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