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Competition Barmbekerstrasse

_YEAR 2010
_CLIENT City of Hamburg, Jacob Jürgensen real estate
_DONE BY ZweiDrei, BDS Architects
To best use the specific characteristics of the area Barmbeker Strasse 26 - 28, we place in the inner block a 5 storey + penthouse construction, according to the urban leitmotif of Jarrestadt. The building design responds to the urban level regarding requirements of noise protection. This forms a sound protected area in the south area where private terraces, gardens and yards appear as an open border to the existing open spaces of the neighbourhood.
The structure of the north facade creates urban identity. An urban framework is thereby created especially under the aspect of a possible new neighbourhood park on the site of the current sports field. Therefore the facade of the southern side is articulated through its open balconies and loggias and opens to noise protected area.
Pivoting the building is an idea based on the improved lighting exposure of the apartments, as well as forming an individual buildings with the characteristics of townhouses. The different penthouses roof shapes support the readability of the individual buildings. Shed roofs and flat roof alternate.