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Ecce Homo

_YEAR 2008
_CLIENT sound:frame festival
_DONE BY Johannes Haffner, Daniel Klappsing, Julius Kranefuss
a virtual space in real-time. each string deforms the space more and more. each tone had a special harmonic length, the deformation of the virtual space was then transformed according to the harmonic relations of the tone.
Ecce Homo is the name of an harmonic installation of sound and space and was part of Julius Kranefuss diploma thesis. we were invited to take part at the soundframe festival in vienna, so we took the opportunity to develop an installation which is a work on space and sound according to classical rules of harmony. the whole concept is based on harmonic relations between the length of strings, the sounds they generate and virtually generated spaces that are based on these. there is box with seven instrument (basically guitars with only one string each) inside. By visitors playing these guitars, they generated