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Glück Auf! Altar

_YEAR 2011
_CLIENT RAG, landmark idea competition
_DONE BY Julius Kranefuss, Maja Lesnik, Adrian Meredith
The task to develop a monument that indicates the end of mining in the Saar region created some complex, but obvious questions: how to combine the dialectic poles of memory and dawn of technology or history and future of mining? What are the linguistic analysis criteria’s a landmarks design should follow to be comprehensible for everybody? Are there more typology inherent functions or meanings for a landmark besides visibility? The project should be an approach to answer these questions. So we understand the “Glück Auf!” altar as feasible solution yet at the same time a theoretic model that doesn’t need to pass its image function.
We tried to create a complex model that should generate through its simplicity and monumentality a rich thinking process without any explanation of its semiotic layers.
luck wasn't on our side yet