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le cube

_YEAR 2012
_CLIENT private owner
_DONE BY Clement Barnier, Julius Kranefuss, Yuri Segalherba,
Special thanks to Aude Solain
le cube is a small attic apartment renovation in Neukölln, Berlin.

starting from an enucleated space, we implied a central residential unit in the form of a cube in the middle of the flat. the cube contains important functions for daily operations, such as kitchen, bathroom (prev. version), cabinets and room partitions. thus it is possible to generate an open space in order to maximize the flowing and wide loft impression, with a minimal space consumption.
to underline an industrial loft character all the materials are used natural and non color coated. so Le Cube rests quiet and elegant like a sculpture in the exisiting space while oscillates within the friction of the tilted roof cubature.

we worked quite a bit on the realization until we encouraged the owner to buy a second adjoining flat.

ut sibi quivis
speret idem; sudet multum, frustraque laboret ausus idem
[Horace, de Art. Poet.]
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