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competition sustainable neighborhood

_YEAR 2012
_CLIENT Neusser Bauverein, Land NRW
_DONE BY AW-Architektur, SUD[D]N, ZweiDrei
To the competition task to create sustainable neighbourhoods we reply with the question of what is an innovation in urban design? If innovation within the framework of the energy transition can be seen as the key to sustainability, we believe, the development of energy efficiency will have a major impact on our environment, social environment as well as on the way we live.

Based on the existing organic urban planning of the 1950s and 60s, that must be considered as a product of urban innovation at the end of the 1920s, it is recognizable that important issues -
like light, air, sun, open spaces and the social environment were treated very extensively. Some of these innovations we perceive not contemporary anymore, of others we feed off today. The tasks have not changed much: Social equity, responsibility for the environment, future and quality awareness, efficiency and technical standards want to be established. As an innovation we must consider a resource-efficient use of materials, those of structural and energetic nature, as well as a sustainable utility up to the re-cycle end or its conversion.
To let people live at cheap cost in high-quality living environment, the creation of meaningful neighbourhood sizes and the external reference to open green spaces are evident qualities which show themselves in existing high-rises. Only the idea of consolidation was an inferior assumption of an ever growing population due to innovations. The integration of these qualities in a new and better arrangement shows not only the will to learn and sustainable change, but is also a strong sign of respect and humility in face of our past.
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