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Reunification Monument

_YEAR 2010
_CLIENT Berlin City Counsel
_DONE BY Bastian Bechtloff, Julius Kranefuss
The proposed memorial is a fountain erected on the spot of the late monument of Kaiser Friedrich II. The fountain is an artistic waterfall, forming a wall of water which flowing continuously into the earth and forming a wall of water. Located on the reconstructed front of the Humboltforum, its height of 3,40 meters mimics that of the Berlin Wall. It is set diagonally in front of the Humboltforum, separating the castle square into two unequal halves, thrusting through the colonnades and plunging into the River Spree.
The wall of water is a direct reference to the Wall of 1961. Never before in the history of Germany has an edifice’s function been so emotionally charged. Yet the wall of water suggests a fundamental materialistic change in the consistency of the former Wall. What was hard becomes soft, what was solid becomes liquid, what was an impenetrable boundary is now permeable. It is exactly this state change which symbolises the re-merging of Germany into one whole entity, now tangible and perceptible on one’s own skin – anyone unafraid of getting wet can experience the sensation of breakthrough and overpowering.
It becomes evident that this overpowering begins in one’s head and is followed by consequences. Whether a physical or social boundary, the playful barrier of today shows the extent of the tensions but also the unexpected potential during the 1990 situation. It is the mental conflict, the will and the breakthrough which together make the reunification and the opening of the gateway towards a new future comprehensible.