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Schauspielhaus Hamburg

_YEAR 2010
_CLIENT Facade Competition Schauspielhaus Hamburg
_DONE BY Julius Kranefuss
Competition entry for the new stage tower of the theater Hamburg. The design proposes a mirrored curtain wall with a classic façade printed on top. The printed façade would be in the same architectural language, rhythm an proportion like the existing baroque façade. The entry plan therefore was an acryl painting on a mirror polished aluminum panel. The idea was inspired by an excerpt of Friedrich Nietzsches book “Human all too Human II:
"THE GREEKS AS INTERPRETERS. When we speak of the Greeks we unwittingly speak of to-day and yesterday; their universally known history is a blank mirror, always reflecting something that is not in the mirror itself. We enjoy the freedom of speaking about them in order to have the right of being silent about others so that these Greeks themselves may whisper something in the ear of the reflective reader. Thus the Greeks facilitate to modern men the communication of much that is debatable and hard to communicate."

They obviously didn’t listen to them.