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Sleeping Box

_YEAR 2009
_CLIENT Palomar5
_DONE BY Zweidrei, 45Kilo, LAP engineers, Take7
As continuous living and working together can cause a big psychical burden, it was very important to give each participant of the Palomar5 Camp a minimum private room of retirement. Comparable to a monastery in a camp for six weeks the bedroom has to safeguard the basic needs of the members, but shouldn't be too comfortable to tempt them to elude the group dynamics. So a living box was designed which has room for one person and his personal articles.
The living box includes a bed, a cupboard and a bedside cabinet, as well as a skylight and a porch, which allows several opening variations to create different scenarios from private to semi public or public. Thus the individual is not bound to dissolve completely in the group but can decide of how much privacy it wants to take for itself.