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_YEAR 2009
_CLIENT City of Zurich, Association Kalkbreite
_DONE BY Daniel Hoffmann, Moritz Kaiser, Julius Kranefuss, Wolfgang Zeh
The conceptual design is adjusted to the surrounding housing as well as to the heterogeneous. On the one hand the layout has a block border house construction in the pedestrian level to reconstruct the cities character of the competition areal, on the other hand it breaks open the uniform volume in the areas above and so creates a friendly row housing structure vertical to the street. The singular residential buildings alternate in height whereas the flanking volume of the Kalkbreitestrasse takes itself back significantly. So, a too extreme cleft of criteria to the listed adjacent Rosengarten is avoided.
The different heights of the single volume on a common basis cause an entity, but create a differentiated storefront and match optically to the ambiance of the areal which is characterized by varying eaves edges and different building types. The conceptual design aims for a subtle connection to its surrounding property and wants to integrate in the urban structure. The consistent yet analytic, open and at the same time the lot closing, private and public design of the areal becomes a piece of the city in its entity.